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by Deja'nike | Score: 4900

Hi my name is Sarah Johnson i am 15 years old i have a little sister named Ali she is 6 years old she was in 1st grade i was in high school it was spring break me and my sister live with our mother our dad is in jail for eternity here is our past our parents would fight every single night when me and my sister was sleeping all we could hear was glass shattering in the kitchen me and my little sister woke up and saw our mother crying and the dad drunk on the couch we went to see dad he pushed us off of him started to yell and keep telling us to come drink with him we keep telling him no so it got even worse he started abusing us while our mother is at work so one day mom called the police and then they called child services the mother keep on saying don't take my kids please i will give you anything and one more thing please take him to jail please we are getting a divorce so what do you want we want your dogs fine take them they smell like beer so from that day we did not have a father until one day we thought he was in jail for eternity but he broke out he killed all the guards but this time he broke out all the prisoners broke free a war had started the prisoners vs the townsfolk they hid all of their kids in a secret bunker that could fit all of the kids all 50 states went to war  the bunker can hold all the kids out of all 50 states they had all the food that all of the 50 states food and there was vegan kids so there were vegan foods  it's to warm in there there was some water bottles we had we had to share while the parents were having a war prisoners against townsfolk i went out there with my little sister to  talk they all stared at me and my sister i said why are you guys fighting each other did you guys kill each other family please tell me mom are you ok they still was staring i don't want to ask for too much but please kill me i want to see my Boyfriend I love  John so please kill me they killed me and my sister Hi john hi lets start a family with your sister

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Event A baby cries
Location A jungle
Character A depressed librarian
Letter Use the letter K
Event Your character wakes up with a start
Prop Include a water bottle
Sentence "It's too warm."
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