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Retched Darkness

by Charcoal Heron | Score: 1250

I walked through the brambles and thorns, scraping my legs in the process. I come across an old wooden bench and take a seat to check out the damage. My legs look pretty roughed up. Blood oozes from various cuts. Old wounds have opened up again. I sigh and continue to travel through the thicket.  I hear a howling in the distance and I know this might be where it ends. Sure enough, I trip on a vine. No, not a vine, but a rope? Suddenly I'm enclosed in a net of rope, suspended in the air. What will happen now? Will I die? a group of thunderous laughs comes around the corner. My eyes widen with fear as I see a group of amazonian-looking men with tall, sleek spears and axes come up to the net. Shit. I'm definitely done for now. I close my eyes tightly reading for the pain and suffering to come

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