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This weird thing i came up with :)

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Maci Loraine stared in horror at her glowing hands. Ever since she fell into weird hole of bubbling goo, she had been able to blast people with air? She wasn't sure what it was or how to stop it but it was extremely annoying.
Her mother stepped into the room. "Maci? are you okay in there?" Maci looked desperately for somewhere to hide. She opened her closet. Ok gross. A container of pudding sat on her dresser. Probably from last week.
She was getting off track. She needed to hide. Glancing up she saw the shelf at the top of her closet. Climbing up there she remained absolutely silent. Her mother couldn't know about her powers. She breathed in and out. 
"Maci? Oh. I thought she was in here, but I guess I was wrong." Her mother walked out without a second look. Maci breathed a sigh of relief as she hopped down. Glancing at her wristwatch she saw the time. 11:10! She was supposed to meet someone who could supposedly help her with these powers. At 11:15 no less. She glared at where her mother had entered. Now she would be late. Revenge would be sweet.
She smiled wickedly as she though of the pudding on the dinner table.

At the meeting point she found a girl not much older than herself. 
"Hi I'm Lucy! It's so nice to meet you!"
"Um. I'm Maci." 
"Anyway I'm supposed to help you with your powers. I have them too. But first tell me about yourself."
"I'm a musician."
"That's fun! I'm an aircraft engineer. In training I guess, but hey! It counts!"
Maci was starting to wonder what she had gotten herself into. It was like this girl, Lucy wasn't nice, but she seemed a little weird. Whatever. It wasn't her place to judge.
"Here, let's head to my place." Lucy's comment broke through her train of thought. 
At Lucy's [place it was

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Event Your character plots revenge
Character A passionate aircraft engineer
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