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Temporal Museum Tour

by BP | Score: 5050

The docent threw her arms out, casting a wide, grand bubble over all of us. "And this," she said with a flare of showmanship, "is the Temporal Observation Deck."

A few of the kids in my group let out gasps and other awe-filled sounds. Most acted too cool to care. I stood somewhere in the middle. Too afraid of half the class to act awed even though I was. And too uncool to even pull off acting that way.

"You all have your tickets from earlier, yes?" Mrs. Thurman chirped. A smattering of agreement as the other teachers chaperoning our  group asked similar questions of their students. A few hands went eagerly into the air, waving their phones like they were on fire. Mrs. Thurman gestured for them to put them down, to relax. Noticing the excitement, a group of boys tried a convert break for it. Hands in their pockets they inched toward the outer edges of the group, eyeing a gift shop, when a teacher I didn't recognize--a tall man with buzzed down hair, and his polo tucked tight into his khakis--swooped in and cut them off. An argument arose. They were clearly from different schools which, to the boys, meant they could say whatever they wanted to him. As they argued, two security guards came over, hands on their belts, and quickly addressed the situation. Two of the boys were taken away while the third was pulled aside by his shirt collar and spoken to rather severely. I could never decide who caused teachers more grief, the kids who tried too much, or the ones who didn't try at all.

"Very good, very good," the docent chanted. If she smiled any harder it looked like her face would crack. "Now, if you're a premium member of your school, please present your passes to the Mr. Timmons here. He'll scan them and send you to your positions. For everyone else, have your numbers ready. We'll be pulling the lottery soon."

A hand shot into the air and before any of the teachers could responds an overly eager voice asked, "Excuse me, where will we be going today?"

A little taken aback, the docent's eyes shifted from adult to adult, looking for a teacher to restore order. A young woman, she appeared to be from the same school as the drill sergeant with the buzz cut, walked up to the student and said something to her. It was too soft to hear.

As if waiting for reassurance that everything was ok, the docent stood, staring at the teacher, her hands clasped together by her face. When the teacher waved at her and smiled. The docent nodded, waited for a moment, and then when nothing else was done to remedy the issue, continued on, though she looked a little disappointed.

"Oh. Ok. Well, we'll be visiting the most popular period in our history: the late-20s. An incredible era of revolution and reform, you'll be taken through a series of pivotal events, from a rousing presidential rally, to one of the many protests of the period, and we'll even be able to visit the white house on the morning of the Grand Pronouncement."

A few more restrained "Ahhs," which the docent received with a series of excited bobs of her head.


Another hand, this one steadier, standing up from the crowd like a stout fir.

Again the docent's eyes pin-balled from side to side. For someone who seemed to work exclusively with children she appeared easily frazzled by them. Like each outburst was the ringing of some bomb and if she didn't get an Adult to come defuse it we'd all be blown to bits.

"Emily," it was the younger teacher again. The one who had addressed the previous outburst. She raised her finger to her lips and tapped them three times. Did all teachers learn that one in school, I wondered, or was that a natural result of teacher evolution?

The girl, Emily, looked at her teacher, nodded, then returned her gaze back to the docent, waiting in silence, her hand still in the air.


"Will we be seeing any of the counter protest?"

"Counter to what, my dear?" The docent asked, holding her hand to her ear even though she had clearly heard the question.

"To the Pro Revolution side."

The docent looked around again, her eyes fluttering up and down as if someone had just sprayed her in the face. "The events we'll be attending do a tremendous job placing us in the heart of the debate of those tumultuous year. Once there, we're sure you]

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