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WW2 story

by ILuvPugs | Score: 6350

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom called Edmonton. This included the states of Primerio, Xerxes, Danier, and Cornell. In the small town of Mason, a eighteen year old adventurer named Edmin William was saying his goodbyes to his family and friends to finally head to the nearest recruitment center, and enlist in the British Military. Currently,  Nazi Germany was winning in France, and he was having none of that. He was one of the first to ship out once he got out of basic training, his first battle ended with him losing many friends, colleagues, and soldiers, once back home, a popular occupational therapist named Jordan Miller was treating him, getting him over his PTSD, as bombs dropped. Earthquakes and water poured over their natural borders, many died. And many more wounded. He stopped caring about his troubles, he immediately grabbed his gear, said goodbye to the man, and left to rejoin the military. He enlisted, and was shipped to socialist Italy. He fought and fought, men screamed and they died, they fought and they cried, but he held strong screamingship back out., "COME ON MEN, WE’RE GONNA WIN!" They rushed the trenches, and stabbed and shot. Men scrwamed and they died, they fought and they cried. But this time, it wasn’t the British. No, it was the Italians. Trenchguns, garands. Grenades and gas. Armor broke up and shrapnel fell, artillery fired, bursting war drums. Men burst and vaporized. Men ran and they cowered, they fought and they cried, but the day was won, and the fight was over. He stood at the top. Holding his locket. Then he fell to his knees, getting shot by a sharpshooter, he held his stomach, slowly dying. He was taken to a medical host-Italy and was nursed back to the living. He was given the rank of Captain for his bravery, a week later, he was sent back to the frontlines, they rushed and they pushed, they got shot and died. Corn burned, potatoes welted. Houses fell, as artillery bursted. Tanks rolled up, shooting their guns, trucks blew, and men burnt. The captain screamed. "COME ON MEN, WE ARE GONNA WIN!" Men ran and they cowered, they fought and they died. But the day was won, and Italy was no more. They turned their heads, to the planes above. Bombs were dropping, and the Captain was gone. Men rose from the ashes. But were shot by the Germans. The Captain blinked, unable to move. a SS agent walked up.

"You did well." He said as he aimed his Luger to his head, he closed his eyes

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Character A cynical craftsperson
Event War is declared
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Event Civilization has come to an end
Character An independent pharmacist
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