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The Phantom Friend

by Isa White | Score: 4400

“What the hell is that?!”
“W-what is what?”
“That!” Martha yelled. “Do you not see that?”
Liam looked around, confused. “No, what are you even looking at?”
Martha pointed, and Liam followed her finger. He jumped when he spotted it. “Whoa, how did that get in here?”
“And how did it die?!” Martha yelled.
“That’s not funny, William.” Martha narrowed her eyes.
Liam thought for a moment. “Do you remember that part from The Great Gatsby where the whole Myrtle thing happens?”
Martha paused. “What are you implying here?”
“Maybe...you’re being framed for a crime you didn’t even commit.”
“Liam, a dead rodent in my living room is not a crime. It’s just unexpected because this is a big mansion with lots of staff that could’ve caught it and cleaned it up by now.” She stopped. “Wait a minute...why hasn’t anyone cleaned it up yet?”
“Doesn’t the staff have off on Sundays?” Liam reminded her.
“Well...yes, but that’s only after breakfast. They should’ve seen this before then.” She narrowed her eyes. “Liam, did you summon another ghost last night?”
Liam’s eyes shifted nervously. “...no.”
Martha crossed her arms. “Liam—”
“It wasn’t a ghost, per se.” Liam shrugged defensively. “It was more like a phantom of sorts.”
“What’s the difference even?!” Martha screamed in frustration.
“Well, a ghost haunts a building, an object, or a person, while a phantom is more of a free roamer, you see?” Liam explained.
Martha stared at him, annoyed.
“What?” Liam shrugged again. “You asked, I answered.”
“Liam, for the love of everything good and holy, I’m going to freaking destroy you!” Martha yelled. “I have a five year old to take care of!”
“And?” Liam rolled his eyes. “He’s not yours.”
“What does that matter? I still have a dead rodent on my living room floor!” Martha gestured to the rat. “And, odds are, your little phantom friend put it there.”
“Feh,” Liam waved a hand, “what proof do you have?”
“Richard, Macey!” Martha called.
“They’re still sleeping, they won’t—”
“You called, my love?” Ricky appeared.
Martha smiled. “Good boy.” She tousled his hair and then kissed his lips. “I’m going to show you something, but it might be a bit emotionally disturbing for you.”
“It can’t be more disturbing then the time I watched my Dad cry over a Disney movie for half an hour.” Ricky shrugged.
“To be fair to your Dad,” Liam interrupted, “Disney Pixar movies can be quite emotional.”
“Quiet, you.” Martha shushed him. “You don’t get to interject.”
“Hush!” Martha turned back to her boyfriend.
“Anyways, babe, I want you to look there.” She pointed.
Ricky looked. “Oh...that is quite emotionally disturbing.”
“Isn’t it though?” Martha nodded. “Not a single staff member saw it before leaving this morning.”
“How can you be so sure?” Ricky asked.
“They would’ve cleaned it up before I woke up, don’t you think?”
“Maybe it was dark.” Ricky shrugged.
“No.” Martha shook her head. “They always turn the light on before they leave. Remember that time we were up late “watching” A Quiet Place?”
Ricky thought before chuckling. “Oh, how could I forget?”
Liam narrowed his eyes. “Y’know, TMI, guys.”
“Whatever.” Martha shook her head. “Point is, no one saw it. And I’ll prove it.” She cupped her hands around her mouth. “Emily!”
Seconds later, a young, brunette maid came running. “Yes, m’lady? Would you like some more eggs, m’lady?”
“No, I’m full, thanks.” Martha waved a hand. “Do you see anything on the floor there?” She stepped aside.
Emily stared right in the direction of the dead rodent. “No, m’lady. The floor is completely spotless, m’lady.”
Martha nodded almost sarcastically. “Thanks. Go on. Go throw up.”
“Thank you, m’lady.” Emily curtsied before running off.
The boys stared at her.
“What?” Martha shrugged. “She’s pregnant.”
Ricky rolled his eyes. “What was 

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