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by Alexis Montgomery | Score: 2550

Pew pew. Sounds like electronic Nerf guns, no? It's actually real blasters making real sounds. No joke. Aliens have invaded Vein, planet 50X3. I've been trapped below this overturned hover truck for what's seemed like ages. I check my now-broken wristwatch. Lucky for me, it still works. I can barely see the hands in the dwindling sunlight.  9:30 p.m. Time and light works a little different than Earth, planet 30A1, which I hear has sunlight that fades typically around 5 or 6 depending on the seasons. Weird. Anyway, these aliens locals call the Earthlings have been traveling on the edge of our atmosphere, near the planet's asteroid ring. They've been monitoring us, the Observers say. A blast fires inches over my head, and I yelp in fear. Then, I see a shadow. I instantly panic. I know it's not another Vein inhabitant because only Earthlings have shadows. We Veinans do not, but while our bodies have unique features humans do not, these Earthlings have much better technology then we, like these blasters. We only have spears, bows, swords and things. I see the man now. He is accompanied by another man, a soldier. But the man leading wears a white coat-thing and has thick glasses. Odd. The soldier tries to hold back the man from approaching me, but nothing will stop them. The two make odd noises, the human language, I know. He must be an Observer, like we have here. That's why he's curi

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Aliens invade
Prop Include a wristwatch
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter S
Words Reach 100 words
Words Reach 200 words
Character A passionate laboratory technician

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