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Travels into abandoned store

by Anonymous | Score: 3100

"Help! Help!" A cry rang in the distance. I ran following the noise. "Help! Help!" I stopped dead in my tracks. 
 I stood dead in front of the ancient antique store that no person in their right mind ever dared to go to much less go inside. 
"Someone please help me!" I grunted annoyed. Why did someone have to go in there? Didn't they know that anything could happen? Who would be so stupid as to go into the haunted building with out any backup? But I had to. 
I cautiously walked up to the store front. Holding my breathe, I walked in as if hoping to not breath in any potenital poisons. 
"HEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!" I followed the cries to the back of the errie room. 
"Hello?' I whispered. "Hello? Where are you?" 
"Right here!" The voice said from my left. "Right here! Under the mattresses!" I looked over at the mountain of a stack of dirty old mattresses. Right in the middle a head and arms popped out of it reaching for me. I flinched. But the head nodded enthusiastically arms-apparently all from the same person- reaching for me.
"I'm right here! Help me from my bondage!" I crept forward cautiously. 
"Why can't you get out?" I asked dubiously lifting up a few of the mattresses effortlessly. "These things weight like feathers each." The figure, a big man in his late forties scoffed. 
"That's not what you'd think if you were stuck under them yourself!" Now get me out of here!" I rolled my eyes angrily. This man had led me into the abandoned store and for what?! Cause he was too lazy to get out of some mattresses?!
"Do it yourself!" I said hottly. He growled. 
"I told you I can't!" 
"Just do it!" The man strugged off the mattresses above him glaring at me merosly. 

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