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Refusal to Kill

by Zaya | Score: 4300

The verdict was in. A limitless sentence of mild torture, and a complete removal of any and all supernatural privileges. Disdain, agony, and fear hit the Cresswell coven all at once. Anger found it's way to the forefront for many of them. 

Katrina locked eyes with Niles, a pleading look. Niles shook his head at her. He didn't want her or any of the other to start a riot in his name, and it was guaranteed that if anyone was to riot, it would be the ever-so passionate Katrina Foard. 

Somewhere across the courthouse there was a piercing sound. One of something cracking loudly, something being ripped apart. Kayne Gatley, with mannerisms on par with Katrina's, wouldn't be one to wait to riot. 

Niles' eyes quickly scanned the room for Valaine. 

"Stop him," he all but mouthed at her--she'd hear him anyway. 

Valaine nodded and went to see about her husband. She was one of only three people that would be able to calm him down. 

Niles sighed. He was being gestured out the room now, his arms braced behind him with restricting force. 

"Niles," a broken, desperate sounding voice called. Edana. 

"Niles, don't go," she whispered to him from too far away. They both knew he had no choice. 

He just looked at her with a sad smile, nothing more he could do. 

"What are we going to do without you..." If Niles didn't have supernaturally advanced hearing, Edana may as well have been talking to herself. 

Cutting off any kind of response, the back of Niles' neck was met with a searing pain. He cried out. It was time to go. 

With more effort than should have been necessary, Niles craned his head to look over the anguished faces of his blended family, his mismatched coven of vampires. 

As he was escorted away, his unnatural hearing was able to catch a final faint whisper from Edana. 

"I love you Niles Cresswell. I've been in love with you for years and years..." 

He was out of the room before he could breathe a response. 

A single guard held him down, his brute force and the two threatening guards flanked behind him, would be enough to keep Niles, or at least discourage him enough to attack. Niles wouldn't put up a fight. He never wanted to be a fighter anyway. That was exactly why he was here. He was a man of art, an unmotivated one, but an artist regardless. Galleries in Italy had once been among his favorite places during the 17th century. 

Niles couldn't know when he'd next be granted a glimpse at a piece of art. He was being ushered into purgatory with no privileges. As the guards led him to the prison locked behind an age old waterfall, he wondered what might become of him, what might become of his family. 

Locked away for eternity, the punishment for refusal to kill. 

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