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Deal with the Devil

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

Rhea shivers in the cold, damp cell. She’d been dragged there by a particularly sadistic guard, and he’d physically thrown her into the corner of the prison cell. Not that that was a particularly impressive feat. She hadn’t eaten properly in almost a week, now. She could count every one of her ribs if she cared to.
The threadbare clothes she’d been forced into did nothing to preserve her dwindling body heat, and the sun didn’t reach far enough into the cell to justify trying to move to the faint sunbeam.
She doesn’t look up as the heavy iron gate leading out of the dungeon slams shut. She hears someone clicking their tongue against their teeth as they see the state she’s in.
“Honestly, they think you’ll be in any shape to fight if you’re starved and half-naked?”
The man scoffs. 
“What?” She croaks, voice unused to speaking. 
“You’re being sprung, kid.” There’s a hint of amusement in the man’s voice, and she looks up, eyes narrow.
“Why? Why do you care?”
“Because I know your little secret. I know you’re not really human. We’re not so different, you and me.”
“And you want me to fight?”
“I want you to earn your freedom by fighting. A world of difference.”
“And what’s in it for you?”
“Is it so hard to believe that someone wants to help you?”
“Yes.” She says flatly. “It is.”
The man clicks his tongue again. “I suppose I shou

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