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The Magic Paintbrush

by Moe | Score: 4200


The war has been something really harsh to endure. Especially for artists.
Everything has begun when the king stole the Magic paintbrush to the most powerful wizard in the world, Janus. Janus the wizard was a really strange character, a joyful jackass full of convictions.

He was the only one qualified to hold the world’s order, and when he got his paintbrush stole by the king, the war has been declared and civilization has nearly came to an end.

But Humans didn’t know. To save the world, a packet of seeds from an antic plant was hidden by Janus. And to find that plant, humanity needs the help of A cynical astronomer named Karim. As soon a Karim took the place of Janus, the unknown calm made its return, but not for too long, because the aliens from Planet Sikk-kb, invaded Earth.

The chief of the Sikk-kbians was a confident managing director, with iconic safety googles. He was so sexy, so cool, so resiliant, such a man, such an alien, and neither the Sikk-kibians and the humans knew that he was half the both... Oh man, such an adventure. He killed the king, brought back ythe magic paint brush to janus, slayed karim from planet Earth, and went back to Sikk-kb. Such a wonderful Hero.

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