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thing with lem

by peri :) | Score: 3000

This is a story about a knight and his prince.  We thought of 

He looked so much like his father. If he had the beard, the prince squinted, he would be exactly just like him.
With a shocking clap on his back, he stumbled forwards. he looked back to see his father, face red with drink.
“Beautiful morning, son,” he said. Lucian wondered, sometimes, how his father could still exist with how much he drank and how easily he could be drunk. It didn’t make sense.
His mother, paragon of grace, smoothly appeared by his father’s side, and propped him up to straighten his gait. “Good morning, lucian,” she said.
“Morning,” he said.
The two of them walked off , his father excitedly babbling about something to his mother ,who was sure to only be half-listening.
His eye was caught on the boy again, the one that looked so much like his own father. Bright red hair in the sunlight. Like his head was a gem, shining.
“Now,” said someone behind him. It was Talia, his oldest sister. She was tall, even tall for her age, and it seemed like none of the other six siblings could ever catch up to her height. Especially not Lucian. She loved to rest her elbows on top of his head, just to show how small he was.
But this time, she didn’t do that. Because she had something in her hands. And egg. Before lucian could react, she placed the egg in his hands.
“Test from Professor Reginald,” she smiled vaguely and walked off.
“What am i supposed to do with this?” he yelled after her.
“Make sure it doesn’t crack!” she said without bothering to look back at him.

He was sitting on the side of the well, thinking, looking into the water. things were so nicec back then. he remembered the day, everytime he ate eggs. He liked eggs, it was a good morning.
“you’re still here?” it was lem, creeping up on him again, as he always did.
“Water’s nice,” he said, startled.
Lem considered this, looking at the water, then back at him. he shrugged, and instead sat down beside him, tucking his legs unde

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