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Water is Poison

by Anonymous | Score: 3300

The rain was coming down hard. Too hard. It hadn't rained liked this in decades. There was something suspicious about it. And not the good kind of suspicious that makes you horny. The bad kind of suspicious that makes you want to run for your life.

And that's what we're doing. We're running for our lives.

We learned that we lived below a waterfall. Sounds odd, right? Well that's because it is. Welcome to Earth. Everything is odd here.

Anyway, a better name for that "waterfall" would be "poisonfall". All species on Earth blindly trusted the substance that we were calling water. We all thought it was responsible for life. It turns out, it's been slowly killing everything it comes in contact with. It started out weak, hence why no one noticed until now. But as it fed more and more on trusting beings, it became stronger. It became so strong that it started causing pandemics. We never were able to connect the dots at the time.

The only thing that can protect you from the dangers of water is lemon. Squeeze lemons into the water and the acidity will rise high enough to kill the beast. Unfortunately, people panic-bought lemons, leading to a global shortage.

So we are trying to find a habitable planet far away from water. Mars seemed like a good option, until you consider all the water ice on it.

"Venus?" Mark asked with hope in his eyes.

"No, too hot. Did you not learn anything from basic astronomy?" The number of people knowledgeable about the planets and biology has dramatically decreased. Decades ago, I worked with some of the best scientists. Now, I'm stuck with people who don't know the difference between a chromosome and a cell.

Luna keeps jumping up and down frantically. I usually ignore her, but her jumping around was more annoying than her squeaky voice.

"WHAT!?!?" I shouted.

"Everyone keeps ignoring me," Luna whined. "I'm trying to show you that I found what appears to be a habitable planet away from water."

"Luna, you're a genius!"

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