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Food Poisoning

by C Whiteduck | Score: 2400

At first it seems uncertain.... was it the shrimp, the sea bass, or the Rum?  My stomach is devoid of supper and drinks, all the remains is that yucky brimy stuff, not sure what it's called.  Horrid, really.  I dry heave again and again.  Oh the pain in my tummy. Oh the pain in my head.  

There's a momentary reprieve as I hang my hands on either side of the toilet bowl.  I breath heavily, trying to recover from the assault on my body.  Just when I think it couldn't get any worse a hear this distance rumble, it gets louder and louder... what the hell is that?!  Sounds like a freight train coming to my door. But I don't live near the tracks... then the shaking begins, the shelf rattles, the toothbrush shimmies off the side of the sink to the floor.  What the heck is happening?!  An earthquake?!

I thought yesterday had enough drama to last a life time as the stoic auctioneer sold off my home to the highest bidder,  but today is far more terrifying as I  clutch the toilet like an anchor, hoping the roof will not fall on my head, head and heart pounding

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