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by L. Samhain | Score: 1300

tossing and turning in turmoil as the nightmares wrack my brain. i wake violently, sweaty and cold simultaneously. shaky feet meet the floor as i head to the bathroom to wash my face, wanting to refresh after the fading memory of what my dream entailed. 

every night for the past week has been the same, waking in a cold sweat not too long after falling asleep. the sweat always drips down my back - it pours over my flesh like rain, but leaves feeling tarnished as opposed to refreshed. 

on truly horrific nights, i take a cold shower and let the dream wash away with my sweat, watching as it circles the drain and i am cleansed.

very rarely do i venture out into the world outside my home, but occasionally i need supplies i can't get myself, so the advantage outweighs my anxiety.  it happens more so when my appetite becomes voracious.

once every now and then, i wake to the sun in a comfortable warmth with dry sheets. this morning is what i call a refresh point. nothing ba

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