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Quokka World Peace

by Anonymous | Score: 2750

"There is a great storm in the meadows today" said the old lady looking out the window to her husband lounging on the sofa near the fireplace. Suddenly, she spots their barn catching fire as a result of an electrical pole falling on it. An enthusiastic firefighter arrives on the scene soon to deal with it. Meanwhile the husband is going crazy with worry about the barn being on fire and attempts to run towards it. The old lady says "Quiet! Gerald. It'll be okay. Our Quokkas won't perish". Shackled by her own worry she starts praying to the bangle bracelet she wears.  The firefighter rescues all the 500 quokkas and this rebirth of the quokkas suddenly establishes world peace. All wars around the world come to a stand still. The Al-Qaeda becomes a charity. All barabarians around the world become sensitive softies. Everything is good again in the world . The tomatoes are declared to be a vegetable once and for all. No on
es fighting over the last fry and instead peacefully fighting over

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