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The Monastic Congress of the Troubadour

by Someone | Score: 1950

Meagan rolled the dice. 
"Ha Six! In your face!" She exclaimed. 
Aiden just groaned. 
Meagan moved her player 6 spaces. "I win!" 
Aiden flipped the board. Meagan punch him it the face. 
"The chips are going to go stale if you don't put a clamp on them!" Yelled Maddie from the kitchen. 
"I don't care!" Meagan yelled back. 
Maddie rolled her eyes. 
Suddenly lightning strikes the house. 
"Meagan your glowing!" Maddie yells in shock. 
"I have superpowers! Now I can execute my plan for world domination!" 
"This may be an issue." Maddie deadpans. 
Meagan laughs maniacally and strikes Aiden with lightning.
Aiden screams as he burns to death. 
Maddie rolls her eyes. 
Meagan runs around the house which is maraciously still standing screaming "I have powers, I have powers." 
Maddie starts to clean up the Aiden dust on the floor and throws it in the trash can. 
Meagan continues running and Maddie walks over to the couch and turns on the tv. 

1 month later Meagan is in control of the world, everyone named Aiden changed there names to Adam and the world is called The Monasic Congress of the Troubaodor. 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event Your character loses a game
Words Reach 50 words
Prop Include a clamp
Letter Use the letter Y
Event Someone gains superpowers
Letter Use the letter S
Words Reach 100 words

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