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by E.G Hannigan | Score: 1300

"I'm Pregnant...The only time we get a baby, it's not yours. It isn't me that's broken. It's you. Then after that massive blowout in Paula's bathroom the other night, I left to go home. You were too drunk to remember this, but I went home early because I couldn't stand seeing you sit with another woman on your lap. I walked home in the dark by myself because you were too busy with someone else. Because you thought I was broken so you wanted to test out your weapon. That's when it happened. Now there's a baby cooking inside of me, and I don't want them to know either of her fathers. One of them is a monster in jail. The deserves to be--don't you touch me! Don't you dare come close to me. Don't breathe the same air as me. Don't look in the same direction as me. Don't come near this child and don't look at me like I'm the villain."

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