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by Anonymous | Score: 900

As I was laying on my couch one evening, reading a book in the silence of my home, I started to hear the sound of rain falling. It started slowly, with gentle plick-plocks sounds on the windows, before it started to get stronger. Not half an hour later, it was as if God had decided to reenact the flooding of the world because of how much it rained. Just as I was about to go cook myself a small dinner, I heard yowling from my garden. It was my cat. Worried sick for him, I dashed toward the back door, grabbing the key in passing, its small metal key chain clinking against the key.  I unlocked the door under the cries, always stronger and shriller of my small Taby when suddenly they stopped. I opponed the door and took three step back, my heart stopping a moment under the shock. It was blood, not rain and it pours on the cadaver of my cat, above wich the chid

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