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Book Of Promise

by Ava Kramer | Score: 4050

"YOUR FIRED!" Yelled a voice from Scone's office. He shoved a lady out of it, slamming the door in her face. Crying, she walked over to her desk and placed her things in a box. "Okay, Okay...I'll be fired if my pitch is bad, but promoted if it's good..." Lisa mumbled to herself. She took a deep breath as a voice boomed: "LISA! YOUR TURN! IN HERE NOW!" She flinched, picked herself up, and walked in. "Mr. Scone, how are you doing?" Mr. Scone sat in his chair, glaring at her. "Okay...So my pitch is about an engineer who's dog passes away. It really effects his work and-" "Awful." Scone interrupted. "But you haven't-" "Don't interrupt me." He snapped. Your talking... Lisa thought. 

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