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by Liam bennett | Score: 6350

It was 12 am. My bagswere packed and ready. I opened my window and climbed down the lattis. My feet landed with a loud thud. Suddenly, a loud ringing rang through my ears and the backyard. My legs broke into a full sprint. I kept running through the garden to be holted by a huge iron fence that surrounded the area. I panted as I gasped for breathe. In the distance a voice called out

"Realese the hounds!"

My heart sank and my eyes widened. The looked around frantically as they searched for a door. My ears perked as the barking of dogs came closer. My eyes kept looking and eventually found a metal gate. I tugged on the handle but it was locked tight. I took a few steps back as sweat dripped down my face. I whispered

"Reserare ianuam"

The door clicked and flung open. I ran through and fled into the forest. I never looked back. The further I ran into the forest the quieter the barking and noise became until it went silient. I stopped to catch my breathe. I tried to look for a path out of the forest but a veil of darkness surrounded me. I took out my phone and turned a flashlight on. The ground was covered with woodchips along with dried brown leaves.

I grabbed the map from my bag to figure out where I was. It wasnt safe to be out at night in the forest. I figured a route to get me to town but it would take me all night! I put the map away then grabbed a chocolate bar to eat. I took a deep breathe then set off.

The sky was pitch black. A strong, chilling breeze blew through the forest. The trees rustles against each other causing leaves to fall to the ground. The wind hit my face sending a chill down my spine. In the distance smoke rose into the sky. Smoke... Fire! I ran in the direction of the smoke.

When I arrived there stood a small cottage. It was surroumded by bushes. It had vines climbing the side of the building. It had little windows with golden oak wood borders. The door was arched at the top and had a small glass pane in the middle of it. Two flower basket hung either side of the door.

I ran over rubbing my hands together for warmth. I knocked. There was no answer. I knocked again, there was still no answer. I knocked one last final time but with more force than before. *Click* The door opened slowly and a girl stood behind.

She had brown wavy hair. Her eyes were a hazelnut brown. Her skin was a warm tone. Her cheeks were a light pink colour. She wore a pair of white leggings some boots. She wore a white shirt with a red jumper over it and had a rose quartz crystal necklace. I asked,

"Hi. Can I come in? I'm lost and wondered of you could help me."

"Sure thing come on in" she replie.

I walked into the cottage and a wave of warmth washed over me. She took me to the bathroom so I could change out of my clothes and into something more comfortable. I grabbed a grey hoodie and a pair of sweatpants from my bag.

I sat down on a chair and noticed a bookshelf in the corner of the room. It had really familiar books on it. I asked the girl

"What kind of books are those? Do you mind if I look?"

She hesitated then spoke,

"I dont really know but please dont touch them, they're really old"

"Ok" I replied.

There was an awkward silence for a while but it was broken with a knock at the door. I immediately jumped and hid behind the chair. I thought, no way they couldn't have found me but with dogs like those it looked as they could find me in china. The girl looked at me with confusion then opened the door.

It was a boy. He had messy brown hair. His eyes were a deep-sea blue. He had freckles that stretched from his right cheek onto his nose to his left cheek. He had a muscular build. He wore a black shirt. He also wore a black jacket with a shark tooth necklace.

"Liam! you're back!" The girl squealed as she flung her arms aroumd him.

He chuckled "Glad to be back Roz!" But then his eyes averted towards me.

I felt myself go red. He pulled away from Roz's hug and walked over to me. He asked in a polite way

"Who are you?"

"Oh. Umm... I'm Daniel but you can call me Dan." I replied with a shaky voice

"Ok. Nice to meet you Dan I'm Liam" he said cheerfuly.

"Are you guys brother and sister?" I curiously asked.

"Yep" they both said.

My stomach growled at like the worst possible time but Liam just chuckled and said

"Dinner time. Come on Roz!"

Roz got up and walked into the kitchen with Liam. I waited until for sure they were gone. I leaped out of my chair and tip toed to the bookshelf. I grabbed one of the books and opened it. I was flabbergasted. It was a grimoire. I flicked through a few pages and there were some crazy spells I had never seen before. Liam and Roz were almsot done with dinner so I put the book back and sat down. 10 minutes later, they walked in with 3 plates of warm food. We ate in silence, it was really awkward. I asked them

"So... Why do you guys have a grimoire? Are you like witches or something?"

They both looked up with confusion in their faces. Liam stuttered

"H-h how did you know that?"

"Because I've seen them before." I said.

"Where" they both said in unison.

"My house, it has a library full of them" I said bluntly

"Wait... So Does that mean...?" Liam said slowly

"Your a witch too!" Exclaimed Roz.

I nodded with a little smile on my face. They looked at me with relief.

"What covern are you from" they asked

I replied, "I dont have a covern?"

"What! You dont have a covern" Liam said with suprise.

"Yep, thats right tonight I escaped, that place was so awful." I explained.

I had to explain from the beginning of why I ran away. They were in amazement. They had never heard of a covern abusing its memebers. I told them I was trying to get to town but I got lost and ended up here.

"Is it all right if I stay here?" I asked

"Sure, I dont see why not" Liam said looking at Roz who was still eating her food. I asked

"Is there anywhere where we can practice spells?"

"Umm.. Yeah the basement. Its magic proof so nothing happens to the house."

I got up and grabbed a grimoire and asked if they wanted to join me. They got up and followed me down.

"Lets try simple spells please. Im tired" Liam asked.

"Ok!" Roz and I replied.

Roz took a deep breathe in and let it out. She closed her eyes for full concentration. She recited

"ut det mihi ventus potentia"

A sudden breeze blew through the room. I looked over to Roz. She had a small tornado in her hands. Liam closed his eyes and recited the incantation

"mihi virtutem ignis uti!"

A small flame appeared in his hand. Both Roz and Liam looked at me waiting. I took deep breathes and closed my eyes and recited

"lucendi percutiens"

I pointed in a direction and a blue lightning bolt came down and left a burn mark on the floor.

"Cool spell. do you know anymore?" Liam asked with curiosity.

"Yeah I do actually" I said with pride.

Liam and Roz both stood behind me. I pondered which spell I should do. I thought hard about it but finally decided on a fire spell that I'd never tried. I grabbed one of the three grimoires I took from my old covern's library. I opened up to a tornado of fire spell. I went over the spell at least 10 times before I was ready to cast it. I cleared my throat.

"ignis aerisque spiritus invoco unire"

Nothing happened. No breeze not even a spark of fire. I took a deep breathe.
I repeated the incantation again

"ignis aerisque spiritus invoco unire"

A sudden sharp pain ran through my body. A warm, red liquid ran from my nose and seeped through my lips into my mouth. A metalic flavour engulfed my tongue making me want to gag. My eyelids grew heavy as darkness filled me eyes. My legs turned to jelly and I became weightless. I felt myself fall but someones arms caught me. They slowly brought me down to the floor. Their voice echoed through me ears as they called out my names.

My eyes opened and looked around everything was blury. I squinted them for a couple of seconds then everything came into focus. I was in a bedroom. In someone elses bed! I looked onto the bedside cabinet where a picture frame stood, I grabbed it. It was a picture of a family: two kids and two adults which I assumed to be parents. The two kids looked really familiar but I couldnt place my finger on it. I put the frame back onto the cabinet. I tried sitting up, a sudden pain hit the side of my body. I lifted my shir

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