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Jared Became Jailer

by Lynne | Score: 1600

"Jared, Mr. Red is waiting for you in the office." said the assistant.
"Thank you." Jared got up from his seat and walked to Mr. Red's door. 
"Okay, Jared, you can do this." Jared whisper to himself. "Don't...screw up..."
Jared puckered up and open the door into the office. Mr. Red is sitting at his desk looking down at some papers. he then looked up from his papers. "Mr. mac, welcome!" Mr. Red got up and walked over to Jared to shake his hand. 
"Thank you, Mr. Red, It's finally great to have this meeting." Jared said as he took Mr. red's hand.
" Come have a seat." Mr. Red guide Jared to the chair and took a seat behind his desk. 
"Well, Mr. Red, I have a important deal to make with you, regarding our partnership." Jared said with confidence.
"Is that so?" Mr. Red snickered. "What can a shoemaker can offer a deal for, hm?"
Jared began to panic. "oh no" Jared can feel his anxiety kicking in. Mr. Red is a scary man to face. He's very stern but can be witty. Mr. Red 

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Event An important deal falls through
Character A methodical shoemaker
Letter Use the letter W

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