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Time Travel (Sorry by a 10yr old lolz)

by Xiomara J. Lee | Score: 2400

I ran my hands through my hair and thought, will I be able to create this portal in time? I'm a farmer on the edges of a small town in Minnesota, I know that this sounds boring like every other book about a farm girl, but really my story is different. My window made strange sounds as though trying to tell me something. I got up from my desk and ran my hands across the window cill it seemed different it seemed like a portal. I opened the window to find an ever-growing dot and stuck my hand through. It was a portal the thing that would save my life. The farmer's society was coming for me. I knew too much, all these plants, kinds of wheat, weren't really ours they belonged to aliens that far belonged to my knowledge. I cried with tears of joy, I was saved I wasn't going to be killed. But where did this portal lead to? That question ran through my mind for a minute before a  bing went off. There was no more time. I jumped through the window into the now large hole and swooned. My eyes shut peacefully as I experienced different shades of blue and purple. Oh, how I had longed for this moment. My eyes opened to a maid with skin light as dust, and another woman in a fancy pink gown. I moved my hand then bit myself "CECILIA! WHAT IN HEAVENS NAME ARE YOU DOING ON THIS SUCH DAY!", The lady in the pink dress yelled. I looked up with my mouth agape. "Do I know you?", I asked looking into her eyes. "OF COURSE YOU DO! MY GOSH I'M YOUR MOTHER CHILD", She shouted at me as she delivered a large slap toward my face. "WHAT THE HELL!", I asked as I got up and ripped off the IV from my arm. She looked surprised "DON'T YOU EVER USE THAT LANGUAGE IN THIS CASTLE. THAT'S IT GUARDS TAKE HER O HE DUNGEN", She yelled as she lashed out at me one more time. Two guards came out from behind her wielding two swords. They grapped my two arms then placed them behind me and shoved me outside. It was happening all again  

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