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hacker lady also she might be a lesbian

by rainy_day_writer | Score: 3750

She leaned over the computer, brushing teal curls out of her face as her fingers patter against her keyboard. She needs to get this information. She hadn't been told much about the job, only that she needed to get this information from PharmaCo before the week was out. She didn't really care what the information was used for, as long as the pay was good and the time was adequate. If it came down to it she could get a job done in a matter of hours, but then it was really a bit too much work in her opinion. She had her suspicions as to who sent the anonymous email that sent her hacking into the databases of the biggest pharmaceutical company but she preferred not to worry about who sent her the job. She didn't need to know in order to complete the job. She was just reading through the last few lines, scribing in her notebook how to get past them when there was a sudden downpour from outside and a loud bang of thunder. Her monitor flashed brighter for a split second before the screen turned black. She threw her hands up in the air in frustration. She shouldn't've procrastinated on this job so much. She shook her head and called down the hall to her roommate. "Oi Jess!" A sigh. "What? I'm reading." "Nevermind." Despite her words, Jess came into her room and placed a hand on her arm with a gentle smile. "What's up?" She ran her hands through her long teal curls and sighed. "I was almost done with a job before the power went out. And I'm running a bit behind schedule." "Aww. I'm sure you'll get it done. You're too smart not to." "Heh, thanks, Jess. Well, I should probably get back to work, I can at least write this out on paper as I figure through it." "You got this." Jess left with a smile and closed the door behind her. She shook her head, getting back into "the zone" and focusing in on her project. Once she put pencil to paper she was lost to the lines of code that flowed across her paper until Jess called her out for dinner.

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