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We Are The Solution

by Alexis Montgomery | Score: 3450

Dust rains down, caking my hair with dirt and making my eyes water. It's warm inside and the heat flares as the closely pressed bodies of students absorb more warmth as each breath they take in increases their kinetic energy. 
Hi, my name's Eve, and I'm at my school, Tutt's Tutorage for Young Adolescents (weird name, I know), as a powerful earthquake rocks California with its force. I'm hiding under my desk, alone because I'm an outcast. Alone because I have no friends here. Unlike everyone else, I am very calm, surveying the room, analyzing, processing.
I'm looking for an escape route. A way out of this room.  No one, not even the teacher, is thinking straight, so I guess I'll have to be the one to drag the ninety-three sophomores in my grade outside to where we can get help.
I here sirens blaring in the distance, and though they are a ways away, their lights' red glow flickers on the far wall. A girl on my right whimpers. "Won't anyone come? Don't they care about us?"
"Of course they do, idiot!" Cronin, my older brother, yells. "And when they do come, I'll be the first in that military chopper headed our way." 
Ah, so he noticed something for once. How unexpected. But unlike everyone else who thinks Cronin is a real star, I can see through his act. He's afraid. I see it in the way his shoulders are hunched against his neck, the way his fists are closing and unclosing rapidly, and the way his voice shook slightly when he talked. I also know that he won't really be the first on the chopper because though he's rough most of the time, he cares, and he'll help someone else before he ever watched himself. I can only hope that's enough to get us out of here. Him and my brains. 

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