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Drunk Night

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

Fin didn't know if they would be able to keep the whiskey down. Their stomach churned and spun like a cheap washing machine as they stumbled across the bar, trying and failing to make a quick exit. They ended up hurling next to some poor woman. Promptly afterwards, Fin threw open the door and sucked in the cool, quiet air. It was a different type than what was inside-- that was sharp, stuffy. This felt freeing, like they had just emerged from the bottom of a lake. The surrounding talk and laughter gave way to a perfectly still night. The kind of comforting darkness one might spend on the balcony, soaking the world in. There was probably quite a gross sight for the bartender and guests after throwing up, but they had to deal with things like that pretty often in there, Fin guessed. All they knew was that they were drunk and that they needed to get home as quickly as possible. They took one wobbly step forward, then another, then another, and soon their feet were moving on their own down the moonlight sidewalk. They wondered if it was their intoxication that was making them imagine an echo to the sound of their shoes against pavement. Maybe it wasn't just vision that dou

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