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He blinked slowly. Bringing a hand up to touch his face, to make sure he was real. He brushed it along his cheeks nearly flinching back at the phantom pain.

There were no injuries. Which didn't make sense considering he was being beat up by Dream who slammed his face into the obisdian multiple times. Although to be fair he wasn't supposed to look this young or be back in this room.

He looked away from the mirror, tearing his eyes off of the familar yet strange face. It was just like when he left it. Completely empty. Too large, too clean. The blinds were closed though.

Getting up (when had he gotten so small?) to stumble to the window. Throwing the blinds open his breath caught in his throat. Outside was an endless expanse of white, unblemished and infinite. Did he actually travel back in time? There was no other expalnation for being back.

Just as one of his hands grabbed the latch to open the window the door was slammed open.

"TOMMY!" He can barely supress a flinch at the voice.

Closing his eyes to steady his breathing before he turns around. Apparently he took to long because a hand grabbed his shoulder. "Hey what's-"

He stumbles back shoving them away. "Don't touch me."

Instantly he starts to regret his decision. Infront of him is Wilbur, not the ghost version but WIlbur. His brother. Much younger and confused at his reaction.

He's blinking at him hand extended, most likely the one Tommy pushed away. Awkwardly he drops it squinting at him. The judgement was obvious. "You missed breakfast."

Tommy swallows, whispering out an apology. The wrong thing to do as a laugh breaks out. He whips around to look at the door. Technoblade. Fear grips his throat. "Damn never thought I'd hear you apologize." It was a clear jab.

Wilbur takes a step forward. He supresses the urge to move back. "Do you have a fever?"

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