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A Silent Siren

by Anonymous | Score: 850

The bar sat alone amidst the desolate surroundings. It was a last refuge for many a weary man. There were only 3 denizens that night, alone amongst others.  The bartender stood behind the counter, seemingly a bit too pale. 

This night was like any other this far, quiet and tragic. But then , their feeble existences more no more. A siren, quiet but definite and authoritative, rang out in the night. A beacon, whether good or bad, for these people. 

Their heads, one by one, perked up at the alien sound disrupting their silent affairs.

"The hell?", spoke the one who sat all by his lonesome in the back of the bar corner. It was as if God himself had started speaking to this isolated trio.

"The fuck is that sound",, he continued. The bartender simply stared in reply. He seemed unfazed vu 

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