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Avion Dustwalker

by J Howard | Score: 2800

Avion wandered through the shifting sands. Behind him lay ten thousand steps that continued to carry him far from home, a home that no longer knew his name, for he was not the person he used to be. Like the sands, he slid from one persona to another; shifting as opportunity and influence dictated. The dunes that exist today will be long gone the moment you turn away from them.
For days, the desert had been his home. This was an inhospitable place, but he had grown to understand it. Never would he trust it, always fear was present, for the sands were harsh and unforgiving, still this place did not judge him. Here he could be the person he desired.
He had lived in this place for twenty years, venturing in from the edges of the desert, protecting the trade routes and building a new reputation. In a former life, he had been on the side of right, but right did not always win. He had been the voice of the future, raising funds and campaigning for a new king, new leadership to take his people away from the oppression they had felt. This had been the time for them to rival the humans. This had been the time for dwarfs to make their mark. But it is almost impossible to move a rock so rooted in tradition. It would take the power of a raging storm to batter against the stone for generations to wear it down and create a new opportunity. 
Avion took a moment to assess his situation. 

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