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Mushroom Arrival

by Andrea Cabrera | Score: 1650

The package arrived in beautiful wrapping paper, it looked fun and colorful. I decided to rip it slowly, it felt I was creating my own art creation. 

Inside was the path to another door, a dimension that requires preparation and meaning. Of coarse there are other people that want to get fucked up but others like me, want to experience something different and meaningful. 

The truth behind what we block ourselves to live. We forgot along the way how to live life, how to laugh without having to ask ourselves why, how to see at this moment and appreciate all that is, every single moment is filled with ongoing magic. 

And now we are here, about to embarque in a unique personal experience of the self, of bringing down the walls that are holding us down from fulfillment, love, and passion of this beautiful life we are so blessed to have. 

Did you know you choose this, Yeah. back in your energy form this was planned and orchestrated by your entire self,  thrilled to know you will find your way back sooner or later, and then YOU ARE HERE! 

You are awakened, how do you mean? It's easy to tell, you have a feeling of conviction, of the home of Truth. That the worlds you are reading mean something more to you. This is where the magic starts to happen, this opens the door for more understanding and knowledge, each step of the way there is something new, a new level. 


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