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A mom's day

by Anonymous | Score: 4000

The street is filled up with people walking around , crossing the road, talking on smartphones and living yourselves life. 

Me? Well , i love tattoos and right now i'm goin' to the tattoo parlor. I have an appointment with my friend , she's a brilliant artist . 

Along the way ,  i look at an old man on the ground asking for something - i see his eyes with tears- somehow i had felt empathy to him - i decided to gave him the coins, which i had been held in my pocket.  - He did look at me with a smile on his eyes - I really enjoyed to help him.

 I walk along more three streets, - i feel my body sweating - it's too warm.  Soon ,  i arrived on the tattoo parlor - Sther was waiting for me. She opened a dizzying smile, and walk towards me and give me a hug . 

I ask to her make an art, which i had had in my dreams.  - Hey Sther , draw in my arm a skull with name , use also five letters " z z z z z " around the skull. - Oh , don't forget one thing , put a stick too ! I would add an aspect of nature on it . 

The drawing was almost ending - Unexpectedly i received the smartphone rang " Hello moto " - I ask to Sther stop, and i attended.  

The babysitter was speaking confusingly - i wasn't understanding anything. I asked to her repeat again - "The baby is vomiting , what i should do ? " 

-Really ? What did you give to my baby ? 
Babysitter - I cooked to him , which you ordered ... 30 minutes later , she was vomited  ...

I thought about a   bunch of shit stuff that might happen...I breathed deeper for few seconds and i came back with the mind clean, and said...

- I have a bunch of 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Event Someone cries for help
Location A tattoo parlor
Character An outspoken childminder
Sentence "It's too warm."
Letter Use the letter Z
Words Reach 200 words
Words Reach 300 words
Prop Include a stick

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