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by George Doringo | Score: 4850

He was an ordinary man, really not of any particular personality. He worked at the Times Share Bank in the West end of London. He had raised two children, Ford and Nicholas. Ford grew to be a successful capitalist in the bank, but Nicholas squandered his savings in the clubs. Nicholas brought much shame on his fathers household, which soon leaked to the Times Bank. The father was later fired and was forced out of his lodgins on Richard Street. He began to sell tongs on the street corner. A poor sight it was to see this once great man dressed in rags like this. One day he was approached by an unguarded marketing director. Which was quite odd as this was a dangerous part of the city, and a ma with such wealth would be a prime target for theft.  The marketing director was name James Jones and worked for Gogh Art Dealers. He recognized the father and asked if e would be interested in helping at the art dealership as winter was approaching and it was extremely long and cold. The fater readily agreed and was soon rented new longings across from the dealership. (It was on the south end by the docks). One day a ship arrived carrying a large shipment of soy sacue packets. To everyone's great suprise, the captain of the ship was Nicholas, who had come to repentant and turned to an honest merchant living. He had met with an old passionate mortician named Bob Philipson, who turned to be a fork merchant. He partnered with Nicholas, seeing that he was a smart lad, and soon enough they started their own trading business. The father reunited with his prodigal son and they all lived very happy into old age. 

Little known to them, there was a painted turtle that head followed the other son, Ford, and came to be his pet. They met a man named Rotgang who lived on the Irish isle. He was a scientist and had developed a machine that could travel backwards through time. 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event Someone loses his/her job
Letter Use the letter R
Prop Include a pair of tongs
Words Reach 100 words
Character An unguarded marketing director
Event Winter is long and extremely cold
Letter Use the letter O
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a soy sauce packet
Character A passionate mortician
Words Reach 300 words
Event Your character travels into the past
Prop Include a fork

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