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The god who created a bank robber

by D.G | Score: 3000

One upon a time, there was a powerful god who could create whatever he wanted by mere thought. He created a robber who could rob any bank.
The robber was actually following a career as a careers advisor. And he was pretty good at it, too. He was, one might say, a stern careers advisor.
But eventually, the man has figured out what his true calling was.
He was to be a robber. The most amazing robber the world has ever seen.
And he realized it with the help of a turtle.

One day, the man went from his house to the nearby bus stop, when it started raining so hard, it was actually pouring down from the sky.
Only later did the man realize that this was all part of the powerful god's plan....
But at that day, the man watched as the rain poured harshly over the land, that a turtle was struggling to find its cover. 
It slowly moved about, trying to find some sort of cover, eventually finding it with a large leaf that has been carried around by several dozens of ants.
The turtle outsmarted the ants by making them believe he was about to give them some delicious fruit - but instead, just stole their leaf away.
"I want to be like that turtle," said the man to himself.
"I want to rob banks."

And so, he sat down and made a plan to rob a rural bank some 20 kilometers away from his house.
He made a plan so remarkable and amazing (even using a statuette for it!), and eventually he carried out his plan, and robbed the bank. 

It was almost too easy, the man thought.
As if... As if a god was involved...
Little did he know - a god was genuinely involved..

You see, God was really up to no good wi

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