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Pillage of the 1040

by WDC | Score: 2300

The train came off its railing, twisting the cars into threads of steel and smoke.  Cries of torment and calls for help streamed from the wreckage. A few managed to break free of the carnage and stagger away in a daze. Suddenly, enemy soldiers darted out of the surrounding forest and the fighting began. The survivors, who lived from death on the train, were being shot on by one. Others managed to acquire weapons and fought back. A sensitive television presenter cried out before being shot in the back. The general came forth and ordered his troops to stop fighting and concentrate on pillaging the train. Many of its cargo had already spilled out - containers of pudding and other foods, wood, and steel. But they were after the rarer stuff. Gold and jewels were held in specially marked crates, plus weapons. A new weapon known as an X50 particle gun was part of weapons and it was this gun that they prized, knowing that a platoon armed with the X50 will give them the advantage over the Confederacy.  No longer will they be on the losing side. No longer will they be killed by the hundreds. Now it will be their turn.

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