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My Real Life III

by April | Score: 3950

My father was silent.
  "Joking," I said just in case.
  "Whatever," my father said. "Are you done with your homework?"
  "No," I lied. If I was done, he would give me more work. Last time, I had to do research about a famous inventor. It took me three hours to write the essay he thought was acceptable. No way I was doing that again!
  "Son?" my grandmother asked from the kitchen. "Where do you keep your coffee mugs?"
  My dad went to help my grandmother but not without saying, "Go finish your homework and do something with your hair. It's a mess!"
  I waited until my dad wasn't looking at me to roll my eyes. I went back into my room and grabbed my book. I needed to know if the princess had fallen in love with the fisherman.
  I had only read a couple pages when my phone buzzed. I picked it up and saw it was a message from my friend.
  "Want to come over?" the text said.
  "Sure," I texted back. "Is the weird paramedic gone?"
  "Idk," the text said. "Your dad let you come?"
  "No," I replied. "I might have to sneak out."
  "If you do, do it later at night," my friend texted.
  "How about in three hours?" I texted.
  "Good. You can meet my turtle," my friend replied.
  I was about to text back when someone knocked on my door.
  "Can I come in?" my grandmother's voice asked.
  In a flash I spread my books on my desk and opened a few to a random page so that it looked like I was studying and sat down on the chair. "Come in."
  My grandmother immediately opened the door and I was surprised to see her sad.
  "What's wrong?" I asked.
  "Your aunt, the marketing director, has... gone deaf," my grandmother uttered.

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The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event Silence
Character A popular inventor
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter D
Prop Include a coffee mug
Words Reach 100 words
Event Someone falls in love
Letter Use the letter M
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a turtle
Words Reach 300 words

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