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She called me

by Laraine Blythe | Score: 2050

I live on the 40th floor of my apartment building. Behind it is a deep wooded forest, where multiple people have gone missing and never found. I have only gone to the edge of the woods, I have never dared go any farther. I've heard stories of what lurks in the woods, demons, humanoid creatures, evil spirits, even crazed people. Only once have I seen anything, a women. She was dressed in a navy blue dress and her hair was all done up pretty. She wasn't scary or ugly at all surprisingly. I told one of my buddies about her and he said she was pretty because that's how she lures people into the woods. I thought it sounded accurate but I wasn't yet convinced. But I'll try and find out. I grab a flashlight and throw a coat on because chilly out here in Maine. I run out to the woods and stand on the of the thicket of bushes. I point my flash light on search around for any sign of anyone but there's nothing. Disappointed I turn around and start walking back to my apartment  but I stop short when I hear a woman's voice behind me. I turn slowly and see the beautiful women, only this time she's wearing a flowy pink and yellow dress. "Hello." She said calmly. She held out her and had a dog collar in it. My dead dogs collar. "Banjo?" 

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