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by Azurys | Score: 2300

Leila typed furiously on her computer, scanning the screen as fast as her eyes could process the words. Someone was trying to hack into her computer, likely to get at the top-secret information she had inside. This is why you don't put important things on a computer that uses public Wi-Fi, she reflected. To save money, the organization she worked for had their database in the back room of a small cafe, to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi offered. The hacker appeared to be fairly skilled. Even getting past the first layer of security would cause the average person a lot of trouble. This guy had managed to get through the first three and was almost through the final layer. Leila typed in one more command and hit enter. The entire computer bank shut down as all the information in it was transmitted to the cloud, and from there to the corporation headquarters. Now the hacker wouldn't be able to access it. But, now Leila couldn't access it, either.
Leila was a digital librarian for Eye Spy, a spy agency who used an eyeglass company as a cover for their work. Very few people knew this, which made sense - it wouldn't be too helpful if just anyone could find out what really went on. Eye Spy specialized in anything regarding politics and conspiracy theories... most cases of which had no real evidence for or against anything. Leila's job was to transfer all the information from previous cases into digital form, then organize it for easy acces

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Begin Start typing to begin
Location A cafe
Event Important data is stolen
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