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Mia's Monday

by April | Score: 4050

I was grounded the next day. I had decided to keep quite and lie to Mom. She found out my uncle had lost his job and grounded me for lying to her. Now I was all alone in my room. It was Monday morning on a perfect summer day, and I had plans to go out with my friends. I had to cancel last night. I groaned and jumped on my bed facedown. This is what I get for defending my uncle. I turned over and faced the ceiling while fidgeting with my locket. It was a little golden heart. Inside, I had a picture of me holding my baby sister. It was from many years ago when she was only a few days old. The picture had been taken a few days before she passed away. My parents had given me the locket with the picture for a birthday a month later. Ever since then, I haven't taken it off. When my brother asked me why I always wore it, I told him I would get food poisoning if I ever took it off. He was young and foolish and believed me. It was funny until he told Mom and I got in trouble. I stared at the ceiling some more while deciding what to do with my remaining three hours in my room. I sat up and took a good look around my room. I always had it clean, so I couldn't clean it. Then my eyes fell on my favorite corner of my room. I had a light blue paint stand and a box of paint and paintbrushes. I got up and hovered my hand over the paints. I always did this when I began painting. I would choose a color that called to me and use it to get an idea for painting. One time, I had used yellow. At first, I thought it would turn out bad, but it was my favorite painting.
And that's what I did for the rest of the day. I completed two paintings of a sunset and hung them up on my wall.

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Event Your character is all alone
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Letter Use the letter Y
Prop Include a locket
Event Someone gets food poisoning
Letter Use the letter D
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a paintbrush
Event Someone passes away
Words Reach 300 words

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