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Summer Boredom

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

I looked at my sister. "Are you sure about this?" I asked.
"Yeah, you're the one who had the idea." She said, looking at the volcano. It was a small volcano we had made out of boredom. "Your words were, 'I want to break something.' I believe." She said, looking towards me. She sighed, and said, "Your hair is a mess." She reached to fix it but I swatted her hand away. 
"It's fine," I said.
She sighed and said, "Brothers,"
I glanced at her, then back at the volcano. 
"Ready?" She asked.
"Yes," I said. I had been do bored this summer break, I needed to do something.
She tilted her head, then pressed it. After a few seconds, the object erupted, and we were sprayed with the fake lava.
"Ugh," She said, looked at her clothes.
I looked at my clothes.  There was a thin layer of orangey red slime. I smiled, and started laughing. I looked at Raina, and she said, "We made a mess," 
I started to laugh.
"It wasn't that funny." She said.
"We made something-" I started.
"What happened?!" Mom exclaimed.
I didn't even try to stop my laughing. "We... we made a... a volcano!" I said through my laughter.
She tilted her head, and said, "Is he alright?"
They both looked at me as I tried to stop my laughter.
"Probably," Raina said. 
"That was great," I said, not laughing anymore.
"Yeah, well, you know whats great?" Mom said. "Cleaning. You should start now." She added.
I stopped, and groaned as I went to grab the mop.

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