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Only At The End Can She Win!

by Miz Marsh | Score: 1600

In the small town of J'Stya, lived a small women, guarding a basket..inside the basket was a even tinier baby, cooing gently towards the older lady.
"Gonna grow up to be strong? To take back our land from corruption from those who slain your mother? You can and you must, Tiza  Misauria. For only you are able."

The lady places the basket into her back and binds it with leather straps tightly against her frail chest. She would take the child to the heavily guarded town of Dusia and place her at the orphanage. She couldn't raise her, how could she? This girl has to do so much in her life and yet...she must do it alone. How it hurts the old lady to realize how she cannot help the child though her hardships... but she knows the child will overcome....she has too

Or the World will fall before her very eyes, fire reigning down, people being burns to pyre and embers. Buildings licked by the hottest flames to burn.....The Flames of Thy Wetched Father, King Rames the Pious End! 

Her cursed bastard of a father and the killer of the Child's father. She spit over her shoulder at the mere thought of his name....

Arriving at the towns orphanage, she s

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