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The Shadow

by EChua | Score: 2000

It was not like one of those days. Bill wanted to walk. Just walk. He needed to go somewhere, but he didn't know exactly where. He opened the door, looked up at the velvet black sky, felt the door knob behind him and pulled it shut. The click from the door pierced the silence of the night. . It almost shattered the aura surrounding the shadowy neighbourhood where Bill had been living in. He breathed in deeply, closed his eyes and let the crisp air tingle his oesophagus. When he exhaled and opened his eyes, he caught sight of a dark shadow just a few feet from his front gate. He stepped into the shadows and walked with light steps. What could it be? The shadow seemed to move and tremble. When Bill was about a metre from it, he could make out a silhouette of a figure huddled under a blanket. He stood there for a good minute or so before he squatted down.
"Hello there. Who are you?" Bill asked. There was no reply. There was no movement. Looks like someone is drunk. Or maybe the fella is snoozing?  Bill is trying to size up the figure when suddenly there was a loud snort and a cough spurted from the figure. Bill jumped back and land

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