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Power over Love

by k | Score: 2050

A dense cover. The darkness is everywhere just like how her life's current state. She doesn't know where to go. But her Foot is moving on it's own towards some direction.

She lost the hope of living since what happened to her within this one week.

She was the crowned princess of Kingdom. SHe was about to have a marriage with to strenghten her position. But a lot happened then.

She lost her father. She lost her power when someone stole the edict. She was throw into the bed of the son of the Prime minister of her state by her own biological brother who born to her mother and not to any concubine. She escaped in a narrow chance. She didn't know how to face the others as her brothers and sisters speculated that she lost her Chasity and she is not pure. They even created fake witnesses saying that she was a bitch whose desire was never fulfilled. 

They even said that she often go to the brothel in search of male prostitute to enjoy her time. 

She was speculated and labelled as a traitor who killed the former king to become  the Queen and joined hands with King of 

She was dethroned. She and expelled from the royal family. Life doesn't stopped right there. The state run Brothel captured her saying that she only belong to there. A life of Prostitute. She tried her way out

Her people who once celebrated her is now despising her. She was forcefully taken in the custody for illegal prostitution. She was beaten around for days to death. When she lost consciousness, they throw her in the front of wolf cave in the dense forest. 

It happened to be full moon night. She was saved by the passing folk of tribe. They 

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