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The dog days

by Luis Carrillo | Score: 3000

One day at school people was asked to tell story about their beloved pets from their house. Some were happy stories about how they taught their dog some tricks others were about how their cats shed fur and how angry their parents were. One story, in particular, was on a dog that they found in the street. The story goes, I was walking along the street when I saw a dog on the street. I gasped and said, "Someone's dog is injured". Turns out I was right. The dog had bled from its leg. The first thing I did was to search for the owner but to no avail. I brought the dog home and cleaned it up. Funny thing is that I had no available towels at the moment so I used a feather duster in order to clean the dog up. Eventually, I finished the dog clean up which included the following, giving him a bath, taking him to the vet, and giving him some food. Overall the dog seemed happier than when I first encountered it. Next, I tried to find its owner. I put posters everywhere and tried to look for some potential posters asking for the dog return around the neighborhood where I found him. There was no collar on the dog, so I thought it was either an abandoned dog or potentially a stray, either way, I continued my search. A few weeks passed and we received a call. By that time I had completely given up the search for the dog's owner and had completely adopted the dog. When I went to go pick up the phone on the other end it sounded like older man with a deep voice. The unknown speaker said "Hello. Is this the right number for the dog on the posters?" I replied "Yes, Is this the owner of the dog?" The man replied "Why yes it is, now if you exu

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