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I am done!

by Ex Pata | Score: 1750

I am saying goodbye to the couple form with David Rose.  I have been alone for more than 6 months. I am done! Besides his energy isn’t present with me. I suspect he began texting with that other woman again and, as it happened the first time, he pulled his energy from our love. 

If I have learned anything in this last 6 months is that I can be joyfully alone. Fulfilled in my relationship with nature and God and with my sacred work. It’s time to close the chapter and today it’s energetically over. I am done!

Done done with carrying the bitterness of his betrayal. Weather he is giving his energy to that person or not, he isn’t offering love to me. He doesn’t answer my emails, texts or even little gifts I sent him. More and more I have the feeling of speaking into a wall. A old stinky wall where I pound my head out of my stubborn desire to connect to he who has no eyes to see me. I am done!

What now? Do I ask -are you with her? And then... maybe drama or maybe O can just say - I knew it! And shame him (he would deserve it as he did betray our love and his commitment to stay honest and true). Or maybe I wait so then I can authentically say -It’s okay, I am over you anyways. Can we be friends? Mmmm... but... I feel that releasing the energy early would help us keep our working relationship. It will change for sure. Hopefully he will allow for me to keep my position as CHO and I would be so del

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