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crowfather hero fic uwu

by rainy_day_writer | Score: 3300

"HELP!" The words rang through the dark alleyways, reaching only the sensitive ears of one Crowfather. He shook his head and spread his obsidian wings, dropping into the alley to see the silhouette of a man in a suit brandishing a bottle over a short, winged figure.  The Crowfather sighed. "Schlatt?" The man in the suit whirled around, kicking a wishbone that had been laying on the filthy ground, and the Crowfather saw that his face was full of rage. "Leave Quackity alone Schlatt. It's getting tiring taking you in almost every night." "No. He deserves it the little bitch." the Crowfather sighed again and dashed forward, pinning Schlatt's arms behind his back in an instant. "Let me fucking go you motherfucker!" The Crowfather shook his head. "No can do mate. Calm down." Schlatt didn't calm down, so the Crowfather tied him to the dumpster by his wrists for a moment so that he could check on Quackity. He bent down next to the man to see that his face had been beaten bloody and he was shaking. The Crowfathers blood boiled but he hid his rage in favor of taking care of the scared duck hybrid. "Hey mate. It's okay." Quackity shook his head vigorously and flinched as he pulled at old scabs. "Is it okay if I touch you?" Quackity shook his head and the Crowfather felt his rage simmering. How dare Schlatt do this to him. How dare he hurt him like this. In that moment the Crowfather made a resolution. "Quackity I will get him locked up no matter what it takes. I don't care how much power he holds, he hurt you." Quackity nodded slightly and flashed a faint, fake smile. The Crowfather held his arms out and after a moment of contemplation, Quackity crawled into them. The smaller mans body shook with sobs and the Crowfather held him, rubbing his back and whispering assurences to the broken man in his ar

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Prop Include a wishbone
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