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A passionate bookkeeper

by Sam | Score: 4700

My name is Sonam and I love to read to kids. It gives me immense satisfaction but lately my eyesight has been troubling me. Soon I started having blurred vision and reading was getting slightly difficult. I asked my kids to start reading my favourite inspirational book to me. They did that and I thought I will get better but instead I woke up one morning and I couldnt see anything, I could hear the birds chirping, the wind touching the curtains but I couldnt see it. I thought I will be able to finish the novel I was reading by Simon Sinek "Start with Why" but I couldnt finish it as the reality struck that I had gone blind. I have always had a library in the house and I have kept my books as my most prized possessions, I have been a passionate book keeper. As a kid whenever I used to get books as gifts I used to scribble the date that I got it on with the name of the person who gifted it to me so that I remember and dont forget it in future. Each of these books are a memoir of my childhood. This is something that I learnt from one of my aunts and and English teacher at school who recently passed away. I learnt debates and declamations and joined a club to jot down my passions. A lot of my friends wanted me to join different clubs with them but I was juggling with a lot of activities. I didn't want to jeopardise my English language learning and reading. 
A lot of my friends had pets like dogs, cats and even turtles but I couldnt muster the courage to get one of my own as I was always eager to self learn.
I met a person once in a market who was wanting to go to a place closeby and he couldnt understand Hindi at all, I could ask him about what he did and he said that he was a diligent clockmaker. I laughed uncontrollably as I didn't feel that was a profession.

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Character A passionate book-keeper
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Event Someone passes away
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Prop Include a turtle
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Words Reach 300 words
Character A diligent clockmaker
Event Your character laughs uncontrollably

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