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Morning Tales

by anny halpin | Score: 2000

Susie overheard this comment as she stood in line to use her local ATM or did she? Rosenberg is not a huge town but it is where she lives and has done for the last 24yrs. Again the phrase echoed in her head "A Death Needs to be Avenged" it had come from the two young men ahead of her who were very pre-occupied with themselves the early morning and obviously some serious discussion.
Susie did not recognize them as locals although being a rather astute girl she noted their attire and general countenance.Should she tell someone of this? settled now at her favorite Cafe owned by her friend Cindy's parents she scanned the street for the two guys. Towards the corner of the block 
she spied them one in the car the other leaning on it smoking and talking to the other. He was tall and lanky and toyed a soccer ball beneath his right foot perhaps he played? This time she used her phone to document them or particularly him more closely and took the car registration all the while pretending to SMS. Suspicious perhaps it was just the inference she felt she detected in the comment that had troubled her,as if this was something they considered in there life? How odd 
she chided herself for such presumption but nonetheless the local station was to be her next stop.One more long glance through her pink-

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