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My Real Life

by April | Score: 6100

I was reading when I heard a strange noise. I got up and putting my book on by bedside table, accidently knocked down a spice bottle I had left there last night. I groaned, deciding to pick it up later. Before I could check the noise, my phone buzzed. A warning of an ambitious paramedic running around in the loose. I rolled my eyes. I was used to all this by now. I texted my friend to see if she was ok. Of course she was. Finally, I went to investigate the noise. Sure, I was used to weird stuff happening all the time, but this noise was different. This noise was the noise of thunder. Sure enough, when I opened the front door, it was pouring outside. I laughed, running out into the street. Few cars ever passed by, so I laughed and opened my mouth to let the water in. I was soaked, but I kept laughing and spinning around, enjoying the rain. I spied a nerdy kid running along the sidewalk covering his head with a comic book. I shook my head with a chuckle. I didn't know why people didn't like the rain I did.
  "Get in here!" a voice called, ruining my fun.
  I groaned and saw my dad standing in the doorway. Being a passionate business consultant, he was always very strict. I usually went along with it, putting on a fake smile when he explained the most boring stuff about business or acting interested in college and good jobs like being a doctor or lawyer. The truth was, I wanted to be a spy like my uncle. I was the only one in the family he'd told and I wanted to be like him. When I was young, he taught me to use a bow and arrow. One time, when important data was stolen, he took me along with him to recover it, telling my dad we were spending time in his old high school where I could go to be successful someday.
  He and I don't really fit into my family. My grandpa is a dull economist, so that should explain enough. I felt like I was always watched so whenever I got the chance, I allowed myself to be free. Like dancing in the rain. No one I knew liked it, but it made me happy. Of course the fun had stopped.
  I went inside, dripping wet. I couldn't look

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event There's a strange noise
Prop Include a spice bottle
Words Reach 50 words
Character An ambitious paramedic
Letter Use the letter T
Words Reach 100 words
Event It pours
Prop Include a comic book
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter R
Character A passionate business consultant
Words Reach 300 words
Prop Include a bow
Event Important data is stolen
Character A dull economist
Event Your character is being watched
Letter Use the letter K
Words Reach 400 words

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