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phil ae

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It's odd, he notes, watching his youngest interact with others. Not quite in a bad way but there's something there that leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Perhaps it's because he can't remember the last time Tommy smiled at him like that, wide and happy. Bright eyes looking at the others in complete adoration.

Frowning he takes another sip of his drink, never letting his eyes drift away. Tommy was across the room talking to a group of people he's never seen before. Although its obvious by the way one of them wraps an arm around his shoulders as he tucks himself into their side that they are quite close.

"That's Quackity, or Big Q, as Tommy calls him," a gruff voice tells him.

Phil glances to the side. Techno is there face not betraying any emotion but he can tell from the way he grips his glass a little too tight that he's displeased. A few steps away he spots Wilbur who doesn't look particularly interested in anything.

He goes back to watching the group. Tommy is still pressed close to Quackitys side but it looks like more people have joined their group. Dream, a tall man wearing a porcelain mask, is the only one he recognizes. They seem to be arguing if Tommys agressive hand flapping is anything to go by.

"They seem to be close." Phil comments idly, sipping his glass. There was no need to jump to conculsions. 

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