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The Plane Crash

by Chloe Jensen | Score: 1600

The plane starts rattling. And you hear a strange splintering sound. A mature craftsperson sitting across from you, suddenly shouts, "The radiator is overheating!" 
Then, the pilot's speaker comes on, and he says, "Sorry, folks. I'm going to have to make an emergency landing. Make sure you are buckled in."
Then, out of nowhere, the plane jolts forward, and right above your head, a boiled egg splats onto the wall. 
"Oh, my snack!" someone wails. But you pay no attention. You look out your window. The clouds are still flying past. But wait. The plane isn't above the clouds anymore. The plane was quickly losing altitude! The co-pilot came on the air. "The plane is losing altitude fast." His voice was breaking in and out on the speaker. "Please lean forward and place your head between your knees to brace for impact."
You panic inside, but do as the co-pilot directs. In just tow minutes, you feel a harsh bump. Then another. And suddenly, there is a loud crashing sound and you knock your head on the seat in front of you. The plane races forward on the unpaved ground for several seconds before coming to a gradual stop. The pilot speaks over the speakers again. "Alright, folks. I've radioed the nearest airport. A shuttle will come out and pick you all up in half and hour. Please proceed to the exit doors."

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